Case Study

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza recruitment campaign on Social media channel.

Domino’s Pizza, Inc., branded as Domino’s, is a well-known American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960. In February 2018, the chain became the largest pizza seller worldwide in terms of sales.

As part of the company’s international expansion plan, in 2017, Domino’s Pizza opened franchises in new European locations.

Domino's Store

Domino’s Pizza turned to us to help them create a recruiting campaign on social media. The newly opened shop needed to recruit 30 delivery drivers, 10 store insiders and 3 store leaders. 

After a couple of brainstorming and strategy sessions and whole lot of tasty pizza later, we choose the right social media channel and proceeded to setting up Domino’s Pizza Facebook page and Instagram feed. Once this was done we proceeded to creating eye-catching, fun looking ads, with a clear message, and by organizing a scheduled posts calendar, we launched the campaign. Within a mater of days, the shop received over 300 skilled applications per advertised position. And on top of that, the ads increased overall engagement of the page. As a matter of fact we’ve measured an increase in posts share of 245%. Also, their organic search numbers grew by a surprising 75%.

Over 300 skilled applicants per advertised position!
245% increase in posts shares
75% increase in organic search
Life with Domino's

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